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Your Best Ahead

Leadership + Inspirational Talks

with Jeremy Sigal

Learn to lead the even most difficult groups  and personalities with Prison to Penthouse,

by: Jeremy Sigal

Regain control of your challenging relationships with Breaking UP Not Down,

by: Jeremy Sigal

Jeremy teaches Compete + Conquer

1)  Conquered a Nazi controlled prison as a Jew.

2)  Built multiple 8-figure legal/medical practices with only a high school diploma.

3)  As a 5-time Felon, he became a community leader serving on communal board of directors and hosting Judicial Campaigns. 

4)  Best-Selling Author: Prison to Penthouse, Breaking UP Not Down

5)  Effortlessly built a network of high-net-worth individuals

6)  An expert in building personal depth, Jeremy specializes in teaching others how to use depth to rise to the top while providing strength and comfort to those around. 



You’ve never heard a story of strength, strategy and success like Jeremy’s. He’ll take your group to their best ahead, so schedule Jeremy to Speak Today!

“With a high school diploma and a lengthy criminal record, I conquered business in the legal and medical arenas, went from Prison to Penthouse, and homeless to community leader.”

Your excuses stop today, but don’t trip- I got you!

Jeremy Sigal


“Before meeting Jeremy, I was lonely and my failures in life had began to define me. After Jeremy’s guidance & direction, I’ve rebuilt myself as a leader who has worked my way into management, obtained a fiance, and I now wake up with a smile on my face every single day. Thank you Jeremy!” 

"A New Me"

“My life was in pieces and I felt pushed to the side until I got Jeremy’d! He showed me that the greatest thing I was missing was the strength and strategy to hold other’s accountable to my love and ability. A surprisingly quick fix changed my everything. I’m Team Jeremy for LIFE!” 

"Now, I Smile"

“Life was too serious and frustrating until I heard Jeremy’s story. I quickly followed up with his books and joined a group seminar he hosted in late 2020. My husband says my smiles are because of Jeremy’s Strength, and we owe our happiness to his strength. The Smith Family Love’s You Jeremy 🙂 “

Jeremy’s Story


College Kickout


 RX Addiction

10-years Prison Homeless & Broke

Business Success

Community Leader

Executive Coach

Can’t Cheat Depth

Why Depth?

Characterized as a boundless receptivity to how giving, receiving, planning, collaborating, loving and desiring lives in a relationship, depth is how you rise to the top!

What Depth Looks Like?

Depth is that full-balanced wholeness and happiness. Physical and Mental Strength come first. Next is mastering the art of becoming more assertive with others. Utilizing depth is when you transition to empowering others with your strength for their comfort.

How to Acquire Depth?

Jeremy Sigal’s will provide you everything you’ll need to rapidly learn and grow into a leader in your arena. Your time is now, so contact me today!

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